Image of the Month

October 2021

71 yo patient, eosinophilic esophagitis (on therapy with Jorveza) and extensive epidermal metaplasia in the middle and distal esophagus (ED 9/20). Clinic: symptom-free, past nicotine consumption, negative family history

August 2021

68 yo ♂️ Colonoscopy in a tertiary center with a large sessile polyp in the ascending colon, not removed. Patient referred to our center for the polyp removal.

July 2021

78 yo, abdominal CT scan with incidental finding of pronounced dilatation of the pancreatic duct with parenchymal atrophy of unclear origin. Asymptomatic patient.

June 2021

Melena with anemia, Hb: 44 g/L (11.2020), Gastroscopy 07.12.20: no relevant findings, Colonoscopy 08.12.20: sigmoidal diverticulosis, grade II hemorrhoids

March 2021

Mixed-type irritable bowel syndrome (diarrhea and constipation) - Abuse of laxatives since childhood

February 2021

elective admission for unclear inflammatory syndrome and T 39°C; CT-thorax: unclear fluid collection with contact to aorta DD abscess DD covered rupture with superinfection

January 2021

46 yo, IgG 4 associated Cholangiopathy with suspected mass in the hepatic fork

December 2020

54 yo, alcoholic-cirrhosis Child C12 with esophageal varices grade I° in 2015 Currently massive Hematochezia and Anemia

November 2020

70 years old patient with paralytic ileus and lesions DD ischemic related to a severe COVID-19 infection